Michael Kirby Zahra Stardust UNSW Moot Law Society

With Inner City Legal Centre's Hilary Kincaid and former High Court judge Hon. Michael Kirby judging the UNSW Law School's Big Gay Moot.

“The environment in Zahra’s class was friendly, conscientious and productive. Students were clearly there to learn and engage seriously with the material. Great mix of activities – student presentations, group work and reporting back – which provided an opportunity for everyone to participate. Students were clearly happy – and used to – participating in this way, which is an excellent achievement.” – Associate Professor Kane Race, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney.

  • SRAP3002, Social Research and Policy Project, University of NSW (Project Convenor/Lecturer)
  • CRIM1010, Introduction to Criminology, University of NSW (Senior Tutor/Guest Lecturer)
  • CRIM1011, Introduction to Criminal Justice, University of NSW (Senior Tutor)
  • CRIM3000, Explaining Crime, University of NSW (Senior Tutor)
  • ARTS2840, Politics of Human Rights in Australia, University of NSW (Guest Lecturer)
  • SOC210, Sociology of Gender, University of Wollogong (Guest Lecturer)
  • SXLG6007, Culture and Contemporary Sexology, Curtin University (Guest Lecturer)
  • GCST2604, Sex, Violence, Transgression, University of Sydney (Tutor)
  • GCST2607, Bodies, Sexualities, Identities, University of Sydney (Tutor) 
  • GCST2602, Introduction to Gender, University of Sydney (Tutor)

In 2015 and 2016 I worked as an Associate Lecturer and Postgraduate Teaching Fellow at the University of New South Wales in the School of Social Sciences, teaching in Criminology and Social Research and Policy in addition to undertaking curriculum mapping for review of undergraduate degree programs.

Between 2008-2010 I was a tutor and guest lecturer at the University of Sydney in the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies for courses on Bodies Sexualities and Identities (examining cultural theories on bodies, sexualities, power, embodiment and identity); Sex Violence and Transgression (examining the construction and representation of violence in relation to sexuality, transgression, difference and power; and Suffragettes to Cyborgs (teaching fundamental concepts within feminist social, political and cultural theory, including debates about gender and difference, class, race and ethnicity, power, discourse and reproductive technologies).

I have also presented at seminars at the Law Faculties of both University of New South Wales and University of Queensland for Scarlet Alliance on Australia’s anti-trafficking response, including migrant sex workers demands for safe migration, multilingual translation of visa information, equitable access to industrial rights mechanisms without fear of deportation, and access to support without contribution to criminal investigation.

Internationally I have presented at conferences at Brunel University (London), Chester University (UK) and University of Toronto, and nationally at the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Queensland and Griffith University.