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“It was a pleasure to read this thesis which has all the hallmarks of the thoughtful, detailed and passionately engaged research which characterises the best work in gender studies. The candidate went above and beyond the bar for a Master’s thesis in her field work and in her attention to theoretical nuance.” – Professor Catharine Lumby, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University

I have undertaken and published original research for both my Masters and PhD projects. As a higher degree researcher I have conducted over seventy qualitative interviews across two research projects. These projects have involved extensive qualitative research including ethnography, legal review, analysis of human rights instruments and archival research at the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives. I also conducted policy interviews with NGOs when I worked with the United Nations Population Fund in Eritrea for a report on sexual and reproductive health.

My previous experience as a research assistant in the law faculties at both the University of Sydney and University of Technology have given me skills to identify and synthesise relevant literature. As a Research Assistant I have searched databases, looked up legislation and reviewed policy documents. At the University of Technology I worked for Professor Jenni Millbank on a comparative international project on refugee law examining gender and sexuality in the asylum determination process and constructions of gay and lesbian identity. I was also a Research Assistant for Professor Isabel Karpin in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sydney in areas of reproductive rights, gender inequities in health and sex discrimination.

As a Postgraduate Teaching Fellow at UNSW I have supervised undergraduate student groups design research projects on sex work policy, including thematic analysis of submissions into the recent Inquiry of the NSW Better Regulation Office into licensing. I have taught qualitative data analysis at an undergraduate level, can code data using NVivo software and draw out patterns, themes and concepts. As part of the curriculum review of the Bachelor of Social Research and Policy at UNSW I analysed qualitative data from student surveys about their experience and communicated the findings in a report that was submitted to the review committee. At Scarlet Alliance I developed online surveys to consult our individual and state membership on key issues such as decriminalisation, PrEP and Hepatitis B vaccinations.

“Over the past months, I have been particularly impressed with her consultative approach to her thesis fieldwork – she has successfully received ethics clearance for a very sensitive research project, due to her skills in negotiating with a wide range of stakeholders, including academic experts in researching vulnerable groups, and relevant industry bodies and support groups.” – Associate Professor Kath Albury, School of Arts and Media, UNSW.

My Phd research (School of Arts and Media) at the University of New South Wales explores the legal regulation of pornography in Australia, focusing on the human rights implications of criminalising queer intimacies. Read more here.

My Master of Arts research (Gender and Cultural Studies) at the University of Sydney explored queer and feminist activism in erotic labour. Read more here.